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Claim Free Bitcoin Cash

Freebch.club provides one of the easiest ways to get Bitcoin Cash (BCH) cryptocurrency for free. You may claim from this faucet up to 15 times per day, as long as you wait 6 minutes between claims. Please do not cheat by using vpn, bots or similar.

Referral program

Your referral link is: https://freebch.club/?r=xxx (replace xxx with your BCH address).

Commission rate: 10%-50% (details)

Last payments

15x...P0.00000111 BCH44s agoclaim
qzv...c0.00000006 BCH1m agoref. com.
3GG...F0.00000056 BCH1m agoclaim
qqq...k0.00000014 BCH1m agoref. com.
bit...e0.00000056 BCH1m agoclaim
bit...t0.00000056 BCH2m agoclaim
qzv...c0.00000006 BCH2m agoref. com.
32U...M0.00000056 BCH2m agoclaim
bit...u0.00000111 BCH2m agoclaim
qzc...z0.00000012 BCH2m agoref. com.
bit...v0.00000111 BCH2m agoclaim
qqg...r0.00000012 BCH3m agoref. com.
bit...40.00000111 BCH3m agoclaim
3HR...E0.00000111 BCH3m agoclaim
qqq...k0.00000028 BCH4m agoref. com.
bit...h0.00000111 BCH4m agoclaim

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Faucet Monitor - All FP Faucets Faucet List - Instant Faucets Only 1024 - Advertise your Bussiness